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If I get myself something big for Christmas, what should it be?MyDogSkip512/24 11:31AM
Merry Christmas guysDeltaBladeX512/24 11:15AM
Playing hearthstone on my Nexus 5FellWolf112/24 11:13AM
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So, how much you guys want to bet that SSB4 is going to be in every top 10 list?Death_Of_Effie712/24 11:05AM
Geez do I have to do this every year it's *Christmas*Judgmenl812/24 11:05AM
Is that Moses movie any good?davf135612/24 11:01AM
look at my elf, i captured an elf guysLootman412/24 10:37AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Kimbos_Egg45512/24 10:33AM
Axis TV is having a Die Hard Marathon. Best Christmas Eve ever.SunWuKung420212/24 10:30AM
When it's winter you often see whiteDmess85612/24 10:29AM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master19612/24 10:28AM
the official "Who has the best christmas tree on potd?!" threadThePollGuy54212/24 10:25AM
i really hate the paid requirement for online gaming(XB1/PS4)
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NightMareBunny1712/24 10:22AM
Do you plan on getting one of the PS4 facepalms?yourDaddie112/24 10:08AM
merry christmas...everyone's sickNightMareBunny112/24 10:05AM
I just watched "Knights of Badassdom" on Netflix.SunWuKung4201012/24 9:57AM
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