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These are the 2 Florida Girls Who Burned & Stomped an Endangered Turtle!! (Poll)
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if ellen page could use magic...
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Girls with no life and no friends (Poll)
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Guys, we must cleanse the sunwell...metalconkerrr67/23 1:16PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 117- Itchy and Scratchy Land (Poll)
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Goddamn it. Today's poll is centered on PC vs. Console elitism.
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Girls with tattoos and piercings (Poll)
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Resident Evil 4 (Poll)
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A person reinvented the cooler and started a kickstarter with a 50K goal.SunWuKung42087/23 1:05PM
I've had a pounding headache all day long.Judgmenl37/23 1:00PM
Marvel Unlimited is awfulZiggiStardust37/23 12:59PM
you find a brief case on the side of the road with 4 million dollars
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In regards to Bleach...SunWuKung42067/23 12:47PM
Official Poll of the Day Book Club Book Poll #2! COME VOTE FOR OUR NEXT BOOK! (Poll)Storrac97/23 12:37PM
a jrpg on the Steam, rejoice
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New League of Legends cinematic. Very pretty. Plus, behind the scenes!Dark_samus13137/23 12:21PM