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ITT: It's 2009.WastelandCowboy81/25 7:25PM
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Common Core Math
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Sylvia_Dia221/25 7:25PM
About the Classic Resident Evil games...
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does anybody actually separate their laundry into lights and darks or whatever
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Is this a strong argument?Mr_melodramatic41/25 7:20PM
In A.D. 2101
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Its literally the future nowZikten81/25 7:19PM
Bunnyhug > HoodieDynalo11/25 7:17PM
I just ran balls deep into a by invite only internet cool kids clubJudgmenl11/25 7:15PM
are you sexually frustrated? (Poll)
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Post a year between 1946 and 2011 and I'll give you a song.
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Let's have a South Park topic!LanHikari10 (M)101/25 7:12PM
Man walks inside an empty shut down Jamestown Mall in Missouri growing Mold!!! (Poll)Full Throttle11/25 7:12PM
Why do people on TV shows never say by when leaving?Metal_Gear_Link21/25 7:03PM
Stop posting about Anita Sarkeesian since nobody seems to have a clue about her.
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If Big Hero 6 doesnt win the academy award I swear I'm gonna freak out. Spoiler
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ITT I tell you the worst experience of my life
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final fantasy 8 is fun!Greenfox11191/25 6:56PM
Someone make me food.DirtBasedSoap11/25 6:51PM