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i don't get the point of working at a job you hate that has no benefits
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NightMareBunny388/26 11:39AM
I have exactly 222 active messages posted.Flutershy108/26 11:37AM
A Duran Duran 3-pack came out today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32158/26 11:36AM
I like taking selfies.ZiggiStardust18/26 11:23AM
Which platform should I buy Diablo 3 for? (Poll)
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Lobomoon308/26 11:22AM
A cowboy rides in town on Friday stays three nightsOgurisama108/26 11:20AM
I have a love/hate thing with cellphone coverage companies....InfestedAdam18/26 11:17AM
I have so many boards on my boards listSHADOW010648/26 11:08AM
Today's poll is missing an option.Died Again58/26 11:07AM
Shout to my homeboy Sarcasthma.
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Storrac168/26 11:06AM
What would you do if you woke up and...Flutershy28/26 10:54AM
hey girl :)you want the DSHADOW010668/26 10:53AM
ATTN: Effie
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Arctic_Sunrise168/26 10:44AM
So that girl... You know the one that...
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Flutershy128/26 10:30AM
a pokemon fighting game like tekken was announced todayRetroxgamer058/26 10:28AM
Can I redeem myself? (Poll)
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Flutershy298/26 10:24AM
I am Voice Bot, your personal warrior. Ready for command.Zareth48/26 10:10AM
Is rolling tobacco still okay to smoke if it has been through the wash?
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Jvaas208/26 10:03AM
How would you react if Obama publicly denounced you on national television over
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SHADOW0106178/26 10:02AM
just when you think the doge is deadSHADOW010698/26 10:00AM