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Gaming is dying vs gamers becoming more entitled (Poll)
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cdark194/27 5:59PM
Welp, they finally did it. They axed almost all of my alternate accounts.
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DukeRaoul23374/27 5:59PM
Greatest Game Ever : Round 1 : Match 26: Smash Bros. Melee vs Metal Gear Solid (Poll)quigonzel54/27 5:58PM
So, I accidentally scored the PSN ID of the prettiest girl in my C# class
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TheWorstPoster324/27 5:58PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 417 Omi (Xiaolin Showdown) (Poll)scubasteve4234/27 5:58PM
Now that Valve pulled paid mods due to popular demand, is Valve still evil?
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VioletZer0124/27 5:58PM
BloodBorne is great but...chaosbowser64/27 5:57PM
Rate this Villain Day 415 Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown) (Poll)scubasteve4244/27 5:57PM
I really miss that Garbage Man alt.
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DumbGimmickName144/27 5:57PM
Looking to get into either: The Walking Dead or Dexter (Poll)aHappySacka104/27 5:56PM
~!*mariofanaticXV remembrance topic*!~
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rgonautweekend124/27 5:56PM
People actually got depressed after watching James Cameron's Avatar?
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Metro2204/27 5:55PM
So I'm playing 'Brothers...'AtledAotearoa94/27 5:55PM
I take the internet too seriously.JokePoster34/27 5:54PM
This Texas Teacher FAILED his entire 30-person class! Look at what he Said!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle84/27 5:53PM
i gots some new toys
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Nade Duck194/27 5:53PM
Hottest Spin Fighter Day 24: Gold Mascot /Zack / Crush / Mastodon Coin (Poll)Ugly Joe24/27 5:52PM
TIL killer whales are jerks and I hate thembrisashi34/27 5:51PM
I have to ask, do Women find men's underwear attractive?-Komaiko54M24/27 5:51PM
Have you ever seen a person die? (Poll)
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brisashi164/27 5:50PM