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Which one of these places would suck the most to live in right now? (Poll)MrArmageddon847/22 6:39PM
Best color in tandem with black? (Poll)
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Gu3rri11a117/22 6:35PM
Only who can prevent forest fires? (Poll)Dmess85107/22 6:27PM
uhoh. TLOU actress cries out sexism in re: to Ubisoft! overblown feminism again?
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BushidoEffect3247/22 6:27PM
So, how does this make you feel?
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WhatPoll137/22 6:25PM
One thing I NEVER like games to be "realistic" in is INVENTORY CAPACITY!
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shipwreckers827/22 6:24PM
Anyone know anything about what it's like to live in Green Bay, WI?
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GameCuber18147/22 6:23PM
There was a bag of decomposing potatoes in my pantry... *vomits*Dark_samus13117/22 6:18PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 1: Hangar Vs. Deimos Anomaly (Poll)Ugly Joe27/22 6:13PM
I think that Face McShooty is my favorite Borderlands 2 characterAwesomeTurtwig57/22 6:11PM
Congratulations! You've just won a night w one of these classic sex icons! Pick (Poll)
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blutoblutarskyX387/22 6:07PM
IYO, is this racism?
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KainReaver109127/22 6:06PM
JUNGLE FACT: Jungles have many trees in themLife Sympathy17/22 5:59PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 2 - Duke (Poll)
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edededdy247/22 5:57PM
Frustrated husband's sex diary goes viral on Reddit
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bluPython887/22 5:56PM
Iron Man would make a better woman than Thor.r7gerrabbit57/22 5:43PM
I didn't hear your question but the answer is Legend of Dragoon.
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knightoffire55147/22 5:40PM
Anyone else read/interested in the IDW Transformers comics?Milleyd47/22 5:37PM
white males make up most of comic hero's, what was group is 2nd?LemonDestroyer37/22 5:33PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 117- Itchy and Scratchy Land (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets67/22 5:33PM