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If you were in a room with every Gamefaqs user you didn't likeSylvia_Dia49/23 8:15AM
speed of drinking a beerpedro4579/23 8:14AM
post a pic of yourself and i will draw a chibi of you
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Nade Duck489/23 8:14AM
Ugh; it's such a headache looking for a new phone.keyblader198529/23 8:12AM
Sometimes my stomach makes a noise that sounds like a fart, but its internal.brisashi59/23 8:12AM
Final Fantasy 15 has NO playable Female Characters...Are you sad? (Poll)
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Full Throttle339/23 8:11AM
Track your package: On FedEx vehicle for deliveryTerrisUS49/23 8:10AM
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24 Teen Girls sent home from the Dance because their Dresses were Inappropriate! (Poll)
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Full Throttle189/23 8:10AM
So is everyone having fun shooting at that one cave in Destiny?ZiggiStardust49/23 8:10AM
I bought mass effect 3 for $5 yesterdayargonautweekynd49/23 8:09AM
I'm not liking only having one bathroom.SkynyrdRocker49/23 8:08AM
How do you want your body to be handled after you die?
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VioletZer0159/23 8:07AM
There is one recurring incidence in life where i stutter, a lot.argonautweekynd19/23 8:04AM
I'm getting a CT scan tomorrow
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Lokarin199/23 7:59AM
Hong Kong's WoW theme park is apparently illegal?
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ZiggiStardust169/23 7:57AM
Get some cold cuts. Get some cold cuts. Get some cold cuts.brisashi29/23 7:56AM
Internal facepalm moments.VioletZer059/23 7:52AM
So a kid I went to elementary and middle school with died. /sadfaqs
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kangolcone139/23 7:52AM
Rate this thing: RC Cola (Poll)brisashi19/23 7:52AM