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On which order should a newcomer watch Marvel universe movies?Metal_Gear_Link55/6 5:00PM
Rate the PotDer - Day Seventy - AllstarSniper32 (Poll)
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tips on conceiving?
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Strata2win175/6 5:00PM
I was just messing around with the Explosm comic generator...GanonsSpirit25/6 4:59PM
I would disappoint Enji Night so hard.keyblader198595/6 4:59PM
Do you support dogs's right to maul intruders? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link245/6 4:58PM
I'm not getting the hype for these Tesla Powerwall battery things...papercup65/6 4:58PM
I have taken so many painkillers today.
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SpeeDLeemon185/6 4:55PM
Whoo! New phone!FellWolf45/6 4:54PM
i miss my avatar. ;-;Nade Duck105/6 4:53PM
My Tera Online character is really cute.
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Milleyd1195/6 4:53PM
PotD I'm bored, what 3DS game should I get? (Poll)
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Blighboy215/6 4:51PM
i put tooo much kahlua in my soylent axe me anythinkEragonLover87215/6 4:51PM
I just looked at our sports topic number and thought wow
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JokePoster725/6 4:50PM
OMG OMG OMG I just found out about the GTA San Andreas movie!AStrawhatPirate75/6 4:50PM
Atari releases a new console called the 10400.TheWorstPoster55/6 4:46PM
But it really generates power, it's lighting the room right now!rgonautweekend95/6 4:46PM
You are now forced to permanently live on a nudist colony in Antarctica.
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TheWorstPoster125/6 4:46PM
join me in HR3. Monster Hunter 4JoanOfArcade105/6 4:45PM
I wish they hadn't ruined FFXI with Abyssea.Milleyd15/6 4:44PM