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James Woods vows never to work with Sony and Blames Liberals for NYPD Shooting! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1312/22 10:40AM
Like my usual foolish self, I messed up again.Judgmenl212/22 10:40AM
The United States of America just attacked North Korea!SHADOW0106512/22 10:39AM
So this guy was in the middle of downtown yelling bout how he hates gay marriageMartin_P_Sleazy912/22 10:38AM
thinking of buying skyrim. not sure if my PC can run it. but for fine dragon912/22 10:37AM
Have you ever been KO'd? (Poll)
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darcandkharg313612/22 10:36AM
Joe Cocker died today.SunWuKung420112/22 10:36AM
PotD Christmas Steam Gifting Event 2014 -Classic edition with lists in the topic
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newsuperdude2212/22 10:35AM
Why Do Japanese celebrate chistmas if many don't even know who Jesus is?kratospwnsnoobz612/22 10:31AM
So this guy started yelling at all the employees in this retail store i was atMartin_P_Sleazy412/22 10:31AM
Look what my fiance bought me for Christmas!
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Flutershy5212/22 10:31AM
So this guy tried to cut in front of everybody at the hotdog standMartin_P_Sleazy312/22 10:29AM
So a guy started s*** with one of our transgender regulars at the bar tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise18112/22 10:29AM
So about this Meghan Trainor person...
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VioletZer02312/22 10:23AM
What you think of Danny Elfman, what song do you think of?
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VioletZer02012/22 10:21AM
Knuckles the Enchiladas.Judgmenl312/22 10:18AM
I wish we had the capability to voluntary sleep instantaneously
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bachewychomp2112/22 10:15AM
resident evil 4mayu780112/22 10:12AM
So I bought a Captain Underpants bookJoanOfArcade912/22 10:00AM
Do fat Catholics go to catholic heaven? (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz3012/22 9:58AM