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how many people have you known that have gone from thin to porky?NightMareBunny54/20 9:58PM
Hey, it's 4/20: Y'know what that means!
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Lokarin274/20 9:55PM
What religion discourages you from celebrating birthdays?RayKnight54/20 9:50PM
Do you ever shorten the board 'Poll of the Day' to PotD?McSame_as_Bush84/20 9:41PM
This Mom is suing her Son's School for $300K because he wants to Kill Himself!! (Poll)Full Throttle64/20 9:38PM
Beat Bloodborne finally. Got the "normal" ending. *spoilers*Dynalo94/20 9:26PM
I just watched Labyrinth...papercup104/20 9:25PM
Any one here like Game of Thrones/have interest in mafia?Suprak the Stud14/20 9:08PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 725 ~ Guy Code (Poll)Slayer44/20 9:06PM
Tried out Hearthstone today; it's addicting as all hellRaganork10104/20 9:04PM
happy 4/20Muscles84/20 9:00PM
Dude, I love Android, but the Lollipop update did something goddamn dumb!lihlih34/20 8:58PM
I love playing Skyrim and listening to the Enemy banter as they die.
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ShinRaKnight124/20 8:57PM
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Eighteen for Drek!
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Melon_Master994/20 8:44PM
My sister's water broke, but she's like 10 weeks early.That_70s_show94/20 8:39PM
ATTN: bachewychompSpeeDLeemon54/20 8:39PM
Happy chelle day everyone!
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Miroku_of_Nite1184/20 8:37PM
Who the hell pronounces it as "toh-mah-toh" or "po-tah-toh"?
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TheWorstPoster374/20 8:34PM
when someone's sick and they say "i don't have allergies" i just laugh
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NightMareBunny204/20 8:29PM
Recommend something to make a video of (on PC)Lokarin94/20 8:29PM