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Joker Vs Kefka (Poll)
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Cat / Chat 3: It's almost kitten season! Cat discussion and appreciation topic
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I'm getting resistance on Contra games discussion..blackhrt14/26 1:38PM
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Does America contain the most attractive women?brisashi104/26 1:19PM
If could have any of these tails... (Poll)
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Do you think is is easier to be a cynic than an idealist? (Poll)
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Are 'basement dwellers' actually happier?
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Metal_Gear_Link164/26 1:07PM
Welp, just discovered a girl I went to school with was in an amateur porn video.
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saspa144/26 12:58PM
You wake up to find Springtrap at the foot of your bed.jedirood34/26 12:58PM
What is it with trailers that spoil the movie?Metro224/26 12:56PM
Avengers Age of Ultron makes $200 million internationallyErik_P94/26 12:53PM
what have i done???Ireland_FTW54/26 12:50PM
i would probably stay just for the chocolate cookies...lolamericans14/26 12:39PM
Arrived at the theatre half an hour early.slacker0315054/26 12:29PM
My job is being phased out, such is life in the US military :(
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S_Fox174/26 12:18PM
Who here said FFXII was weird, and switched to playing PSO:I&II?EclairReturns34/26 12:06PM
i ate too much junk food last night.......NightMareBunny14/26 11:57AM
Is eating 8 eggs in 1 meal bad?
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r7gerrabbit244/26 11:53AM
I got the itch to play Call of Duty with that Black Ops 3 trailerJoanOfArcade44/26 11:40AM