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FRIDAY Night!!RedSox342810/24 5:45PM
Starting my annual EarthBound run. Come name my characters and favorite stuff!
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Xade764310/24 5:43PM
There was supposed to be a celebration of life for my dead uncle tomorrowErik_P810/24 5:39PM
im kinda sad today =/Lemur_Says710/24 5:37PM
god damn I want a Wii u!green dragon910/24 5:19PM
InternetAristocrat Streaming in 10 minutes woooo!Judgmenl110/24 5:14PM
Does anyone recognize what song this is "sampling"?
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UltraIchi1110/24 5:10PM
i have two red bulls. one i am gonna drink normally and one im turning into...argonautweekynd110/24 5:08PM
Civ: Beyond Earth is out. Bayonetta 2 is sitting beside my Wii U.r7gerrabbit110/24 5:07PM
GameTok with Lok: Game Development
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Lokarin3710/24 5:07PM
Any one wanna play some smash bros around 4pm PT today?
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green dragon2410/24 5:04PM
Going pee in a container is cool, but have you heard of a poop sock?
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low earth orbit1810/24 5:01PM
Getting ready to listen to Taylor Swift's 1982.Judgmenl610/24 4:56PM
RIP JanwayDaahl
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CiIantro3410/24 4:56PM
attn: mordanthubris (or whatever it is)IAmNowGone710/24 4:45PM
I require advice on a mildly sensitive situation.
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Arctic_Sunrise1610/24 4:40PM
Don't mind me, just having a panic attack
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Raganork101110/24 4:39PM
a fireworks factory catches on fire. this video s exactly what you think itll beargonautweekynd310/24 4:23PM
Anyone want to trade a Gengar code for a Diancie code?
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Judgmenl2510/24 4:07PM
Sweden is hunting a "Russian submarine". LMFAONikra210/24 4:03PM