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Hilarious to watch GamerGate overreacting about Tim Schafers GDC jokes.
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KroganBaIIEater283/6 6:15PM
Why Am I "Paying" So Much In Taxes?
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aDirtyShisno353/6 6:14PM
favorite tastykake snack?pollguy5553/6 6:13PM
Whats it like to lose your virginity?
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mayu780193/6 6:13PM
Ecchi poses?
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pollguy55343/6 6:13PM
My mom nearly ended up in the emergency room.VioletZer0103/6 6:12PM
New Aziz Ansari standup available on Netflix today!Doctor Foxx43/6 6:12PM
What is the worst fandom?
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Metro2213/6 6:11PM
Four people total live in my apartment. I bought a fifteen pack of toilet paper
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Gastroid113/6 6:10PM
Goku vs Superman's villains, who'd win?VioletZer023/6 6:10PM
I have bonus eruptusGrabASnickers23/6 6:09PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 371 Marcus Fenix (Poll)scubasteve4253/6 6:08PM
we're going to name our son 'aculo' if he's a boy.
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ZiggiStardust573/6 6:08PM
Which of the following Demi-gods and prophets would in a fight? (Poll)yourDaddie93/6 6:07PM
All snow is yellowTheWorstPoster103/6 6:07PM
something I always wondered about the avengers movie SPOILERSZikten33/6 6:07PM
What first comes to mind when you think of "government"? (Poll)Xade7643/6 6:06PM
WATCH_DOGS (PS3), good or bad? (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX243/6 6:05PM
coheed and cambria is so goodMilleyd63/6 6:03PM
This has got to be the worst Poll in recent history.
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Judgmenl183/6 6:01PM