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Power Rangers "reboot"
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I eat a ton of cerealDmess8512/28 12:45PM
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Is Citizen Kane a good movie, or is it outdated by today's standards?Metro282/28 12:29PM
You are now God, no strings attached, what do you do?
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VioletZer0402/28 12:19PM
For those of you who've taken a speech class, did it feel like this?
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EclairReturns202/28 12:13PM
Have you ever seen a lop-eared rabbit cleaning itself?raymanfan112/28 12:12PM
I've worked as a history teacher apprentice last week AMA
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Looking at getting a few more 3DS games while you still get CN coins, opinions?
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Duck Dynasty Star gets Standing Ovation for saying Hippies cause STD's!!. (Poll)Full Throttle42/28 11:52AM