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It's hard to comprehend PotD when drunkUltima_Dragoon47/28 2:29AM
I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to look strong?
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pipebomb_phil157/28 2:29AM
would girls also be interested in men's boobs if men have boobsmayu78097/28 2:22AM
Have you ever nearly hit a pedestrian with your car?
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Metro2217/28 2:21AM
Surround Sound is so goddamn complicated.raymanfan147/28 2:20AM
It's not a racial slur! It's a term of endearment!FatalAccident17/28 2:17AM
Goddamn, 345 active messages
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bachewychomp137/28 2:04AM
So.. today's poll. Those who have thrown parties - anything bad happen?Jvaas27/28 2:01AM
This may be a reposts, but i think it belongs on a video game forumDazed268447/28 1:57AM
Just saw the season two finale of Orange is the New BlackBoogieonover57/28 1:54AM
Rate this Villain Day 172 fire lord ozai (Poll)scubasteve4267/28 1:52AM
These 2 Ukrainian Girls are no longer friends..Who's the Hotter one? (Poll)
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Full Throttle117/28 1:48AM
well i just submitted a form to become a moderator
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deoxxys187/28 1:37AM
PotD makes an appearance in the Roosterteeth Wheel of Fortune let's playIceDragon7757/28 1:32AM
Quarter slovakian, quarter syrian, quarter vietnamese, quarter nigerian girls (Poll)mayu78027/28 1:31AM
Best roles performed by Tom HanksEgoKiller80127/28 1:31AM
Who makes PoD?ganondorf7757/28 1:30AM
Do you read every word in a book or do you skim?
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r7gerrabbit167/28 1:24AM
I forgot just how amazing the Book of the Malazan is...Arctic_Sunrise27/28 1:20AM
man... i dont want to go to work tomorrow.mayu78087/28 1:10AM