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Why do PC gamers act like if they are more important than console gamers?yourDaddie210/24 9:10AM
Kid catches Rare Shiny Deer!MicrosoftLover410/24 9:09AM
You see a dude in public wearing a fedora. (Poll)
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Xade763410/24 9:07AM
Man Kind will probably head the asteroid belt first rather than Mars
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St_Kevin1110/24 9:07AM
dontcha hate charging bosses in video games?NightMareBunny1010/24 9:06AM
Should hunting be made more fair? (Poll)yourDaddie410/24 9:05AM
What's your blood type? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn4610/24 9:05AM
saints row iv is $6.79 on steam right now.ZiggiStardust710/24 9:05AM
What is a good, easy subject for an informative speech?Krow_Incarnate810/24 9:02AM
so, AC:Unity has some pretty high hardware requirementsTroll_Police_610/24 9:01AM
To any Warhammer 40k table top players. How's the playstyle of the Orks?InfestedAdam510/24 9:00AM
Would your parents be mad if they caught you smoking weed? (Poll)JaH Reborn1010/24 8:59AM
How well can you hold a straight face? (Poll)DrPrimemaster610/24 8:58AM
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you...
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LanHikari10 (M)12010/24 8:56AM
GameTok with Lok: Game Development
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Lokarin2710/24 8:56AM
School lunch (Poll)
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Mr_melodramatic2410/24 8:56AM
ITT rank mainstream hot sauces
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BigOlePappy2610/24 8:54AM
I'm tired of the temperature being in the 90smadadude510/24 8:54AM
Anyone want to trade a Gengar code for a Diancie code?
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Judgmenl1710/24 8:52AM
I'm on a plane. Salt Lake City, here I come.
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SunWuKung4202710/24 8:49AM