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About to play Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remastered for the first time.
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You are handed $250,000, on one condition.
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Dynalo535/26 6:44PM
Is there a way to report a moderator here? (Serious question)
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Whoah ho! Half way thereLokarin35/26 6:43PM
The reason this guy wouldn't go out on a second date with this girl is greatCarefreeDude15/26 6:38PM
The Cartoon multiverse. Can you link anymore?ultra magnus1335/26 6:37PM
eat poptarts everyday
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NightMareBunny225/26 6:37PM
I will play The Witcher 2 ONE time. (Closed)
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Hottest Spin Fighter Day 30: Doink / Black Ranger / Robogoat / Eye Guy (Poll)Ugly Joe15/26 6:35PM
Clonk Party!Lokarin25/26 6:31PM
Have you ever knowingly used or manipulated someone?
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If there was an appocolypse, and the only humans left were...
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I highly doubt it, but is anyone here gonna get guilty gear xx accent core + R?green dragon25/26 6:10PM
What instrument should I pick up? (Poll)RayKnight95/26 6:05PM
Now I have two extra copies of Awesomenauts!AwesomeTurtwig85/26 6:04PM
Look at what this Black Family in New York received in the MAIL!!! (Poll)
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Troll poll (Poll)knightoffire5585/26 6:01PM
C/D You care.trodi_91165/26 5:57PM
If I get married I'm taking my wife's last name if it's cooler than my.Zareth55/26 5:52PM
blu, i need your assistance
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helIy125/26 5:50PM