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Why do we give little girls skirts?
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Solid Sonic222/1 3:04PM
A Three Days Grace 5-pack came out on Rocksmith today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32122/1 3:04PM
i've went back and started playing diablo 3 againhelIy62/1 3:03PM
Scariest Clown (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link322/1 3:00PM
The SImpsons is the greatest children's comedy show everThe_Sexorcist72/1 2:55PM
Anyone ever fall "up" the stairs?Lokarin22/1 2:53PM
I am going to make a thread on the WoW forums...VioletZer052/1 2:52PM
Update on my relationship with my first girlfriend
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GameCuber18162/1 2:48PM
Metal Gear Solid 4 is really wearing me out.Storrac72/1 2:47PM
Hi, I'm new
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Omegayar112/1 2:47PM
ATLUS and NIS are the cancer killing JRPGs (Poll)
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JoanOfArcade212/1 2:40PM
I just grilled 10+ pounds of marinated pork belly.T0ffee12/1 2:38PM
I have a pug named Reginald AMAJoanOfArcade52/1 2:37PM
so I'm on trials and tribulations of the phoenix wright trilogySHADOW010682/1 2:34PM
ITT: I draw paint pictures of you...
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Mehere592/1 2:33PM
Race Mecha and I in Vanquish tomorrow!
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Raganork10182/1 2:27PM
8 hours of delivering pizza on the Super Bowl, here I come.
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MasterSword546152/1 2:26PM
A new way I've been entertaining myself recently.MonsterZed32/1 2:24PM
Post music I should listen to while I do my homework.Mr_melodramatic32/1 2:22PM
Seriously? We can't even mention playing emulated games?Super_Thug4452/1 2:22PM