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My review of The Telescopes album "Taste".Milleyd110/30 12:18PM
How do you define justice?HeroofDark810/30 12:12PM
i wonder how much drones sales went up today after the south park episodeernieforss610/30 12:09PM
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Happy Birthday DumbGimmickName!DrPrimemaster210/30 11:41AM
Remember when backwards compatibility was thing (Poll)
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knightoffire553610/30 10:55AM
Two more days until I am spooked for a month straightAwesomeTurtwig310/30 10:45AM
Do not click on this topic.
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Dude!! Avengers 2: Age of Ultron extended trailer...
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So, last nights South Park. (spoilers)SunWuKung420810/30 10:28AM
Anybody wanna watch Ouran High School Host Club with me? [SPOILERS]saspa210/30 10:18AM
Which show do you miss the most?
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Link_AJ1310/30 9:58AM
gawd I love penny arcade:gawado510/30 9:56AM
Rate this Villain Day 257 Ghastly Grinner (Poll)scubasteve42710/30 9:55AM
November is absolutely ridiculous for games.
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Can all of you just be QUIET!?!Judgmenl910/30 9:32AM
Crusader: No Remorse. Free today. (Closed)Chielz0r210/30 9:29AM
Why are gun triggers so extremely hard to pull in my dreams?
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Milleyd3010/30 9:25AM
"Maybe, I suppose it's possible, I can't say either way"
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random - SBallen lightened restrictions.
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