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just ordered this sword
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helIy628/30 11:43AM
Well, I just failed my first history test. AMAT-dus78/30 11:43AM
LoL your team vs enemy team.Flutershy68/30 11:42AM
Town made up entirely of young, attractive, single women is seeking bachelors.
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Far-Queue228/30 11:42AM
American Hustle: Underrated > Overrated....Captain-Trips18/30 11:41AM
So why is Super Metroid so good, again?
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GanonsSpirit378/30 11:41AM
Have you gotten a date on Tinder? (Poll)knightoffire5588/30 11:40AM
pop tswift or country tswift (Poll)Mr_Sockyman18/30 11:37AM
Is it sexist to be anything by bi-sexual? (Poll)
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Flutershy138/30 11:37AM
Anyone want to start a Diablo 3 season party when seasons launch tonight?
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Flutershy118/30 11:35AM
Do your hands naturally dispel of stickiness?RJP_X88/30 11:34AM
Taco bell is launching an upscale version to compete with chipotle
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brisashi258/30 11:28AM
It seems like we never hear about furries anymoreJokePoster88/30 11:27AM
PotDer Civilization V game tonight!AwesomeTurtwig58/30 11:27AM
What type of woman do you like? (Poll)WastelandCowboy98/30 11:25AM
Times were better without Kingmichael1337 trolling everywhere.
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WastelandCowboy278/30 11:23AM
damn i love waking up in the morning and grabbing my spongebob toothbrushlootwoman28/30 11:22AM
C/D: Rock and roll never forgets.WastelandCowboy88/30 11:22AM
The Last of Us is a crappy game compared to Gone Home and Brothers: A Tale of 2
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Kingmichael1337128/30 11:20AM
Anyone in on the Heroes of the Storm alpha?
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Doctor Foxx318/30 11:20AM