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Game Informer and IGN give TLoU Remastered perfect 10s despite MP being offline.
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Truth_Decay447/28 8:24AM
I'm glad the PS4 is getting improved versions of last gens gamesESMWjot57/28 8:24AM
Inb4 "lol stop being so melodramatic"
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Mr_melodramatic117/28 8:24AM
So why doesn't SquarEnix remake FF VII? (Poll)yourDaddie47/28 8:23AM
All of a sudden, my cable box isn't showing full screen.SkaFrost8977/28 8:23AM
well i just submitted a form to become a moderator
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deoxxys277/28 8:19AM
Sara Jay has a perfect body
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ESMWjot297/28 8:19AM
Why did Tales of Graces F received so low reviews compared to Xillia, Symphonia
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yourDaddie127/28 8:17AM
Any good vertical shooters for Vita and PS3?RayKnight37/28 8:16AM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 120- Bart's Girlfriend (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets47/28 8:16AM
It's not a racial slur! It's a term of endearment!
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FatalAccident187/28 8:14AM
Christ paid a debt he didn't oweViking_Mudcrap27/28 8:13AM
This was the best Flash Game I ever found in my life.UraRenge200557/28 8:08AM
Anyone got a free IQ test website?
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Kimbos_Egg317/28 8:08AM
Best Spider-Man Cartoon? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny227/28 8:06AM
I have an opinion, I deserve to be heard. (Poll)DrPrimemaster67/28 8:04AM
Anyone want to test xFAQs for me? (Firefox Addon)
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Judgmenl4117/28 8:01AM
Guys. The remade Halo 2 looks so beautiful.Dark_samus13157/28 8:00AM
Favourite Gen X/Y/Z era president. (Poll)yourDaddie17/28 8:00AM