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Online Dating Profile: Animal Lover with no pet that loves to hunt
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GameCuber18229/21 12:35PM
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I don't feel sexual attraction for Lady GagaYuffie36089/21 12:33PM
I find it funny when people criticize the reviewer rather than the review
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vgsrule119/21 12:27PM
My body is a templeGanonsSpirit29/21 12:24PM
Wonka randoms are pretty goodAction5399/21 12:17PM
My mother just complained about everything being "too small" on the computerJudgmenl39/21 12:17PM
I think I like the Destiny companion app more than the game itself.Far-Queue39/21 12:03PM
Come with me on an emotional feel trip!FellWolf59/21 12:03PM
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Will the New 3DS be considered as a separate system? (Poll)Justin2Krelian79/21 11:58AM
Kickstarter for Reflex, the spiritual successor to the Quake series.Rimmer_Dall79/21 11:49AM
Total # of people you've had sexual intercourse with? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn849/21 11:43AM
It slays me how people look for any reason they can to not wear a seatbelt.
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VioletZer0149/21 11:18AM
What is the significance of your username?
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man101629/21 11:15AM
My just paperBlighboy79/21 11:13AM
I just came back from the future AMALootman109/21 10:24AM
Anyone here like Rise Against?
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SIvIart_USMC129/21 10:12AM
This is easily the most disturbing article I have ever read
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LemonDestroyer149/21 10:10AM
My stomach hurts.Judgmenl39/21 10:10AM