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If you could stop one movie from being made what would it be? (Poll)knightoffire5518/20 3:48PM
Yes I find the Ice Bucket challenge thing stupid.
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Judgmenl198/20 3:48PM
wtf happened to Chaos?BNVshark123108/20 3:48PM
I dont get people that say they can't do something, or don't get itLootman58/20 3:48PM
Final Fantasy II is one of the best Final Fantasy games.knightoffire5568/20 3:48PM
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Must play ps2 games?
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Bodnerchuk218/20 3:43PM
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...the mug shot just really says it all, here.BTB108/20 3:38PM
Do you , guys, actually enjoy taste / smell of V?
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Lobomoon298/20 3:38PM
LEAST Favorite Paper Mario Partner - Day 10
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Redmage1987148/20 3:38PM
I met a PotDer today (Remember Double Dipper? :> )IAmNowGone108/20 3:35PM
TNT has some really good Original Series.Judgmenl38/20 3:34PM
Lifesize Jason Voorheesurmomishawt0498/20 3:31PM
Lol or DotA2? (Poll)
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Flutershy568/20 3:31PM
Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Nade Duck2338/20 3:30PM
Your girlfriend just got a haircut. Her hair is shorter than yours.
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JaH Reborn608/20 3:29PM
Why Repuiblicans say Soccer is a communist game?Metal_Gear_Link18/20 3:28PM