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Wonderful 101 is pretty much the invention of a sub-genre, right?raymanfan181/26 2:34PM
Do you leave the broth in your ramen or remove it? (Poll)Miroku_of_Nite141/26 2:34PM
Awesome Contest!!! Post here!!! Person to make me laugh the hardest wins!!!
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Stupid Pirate Guy151/26 2:30PM
Today's Poll of the Day doesn't have any options that are correct for me
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Best jobs to play videogames
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fantomas418201/26 2:29PM
When I was in forth grade my aunt had a Japanese foreign exchange student.Storrac11/26 2:26PM
What did your classmates in highschool call McDonalds?
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acesxhigh491/26 2:26PM
I bought a new swimsuit today.
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CTRL V topic
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How often do you use SpeedTest!
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Ryan-06281/26 2:25PM
Do you crinkle your bagged Ramen Noodles? (Poll)SirPikachu51/26 2:24PM
Dental Health Poll (Poll)kangolcone51/26 2:20PM
Post NOPEs ITT and watch as no one clicks themDeltaBladeX31/26 2:20PM
The Interview is already available free on Netflix
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Doctor Foxx341/26 2:16PM
Doom 3 on Nightmare isn't as bad as I expected it to be...papercup81/26 2:14PM
Gfaqs assumes everyone has their own PC for work?Albtraum1311/26 2:07PM
This might be the best Game Grumps series in a good year or so.raymanfan141/26 1:57PM
Anyone want to play MH3U today/tomorrow?Kimbos_Egg31/26 1:56PM
The most depressing Buzzfeed article of All TimeMetro261/26 1:55PM
Need some ideas for future Superhero/Hero/Antihero and Villains polls
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scubasteve42421/26 1:54PM