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Have you seen a dead human body before? (Poll)
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DelectableTears3011/26 3:08AM
i just thought about this (omg sad thought)
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lootwoman1311/26 3:01AM
forgot about my laundryacesxhigh311/26 2:58AM
Canadians are more civilized than Americans...Do you agree with that? (Poll)Full Throttle611/26 2:56AM
New amazing Arkham Knight footage! But Batman is killing people now!? :O Booo
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BushidoEffect31811/26 2:56AM
Meet Jesus, or one night stand with a person of your choice. (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1511/26 2:50AM
You guys... Superman is hard.saspa311/26 2:36AM
Just when I thought Apple couldn't get any worse, they f*** up podcastsRaganork10411/26 2:32AM
My thoughts on the Ferguson case.
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Storrac2511/26 2:30AM
Oh s*** I got helly warned :(
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Storrac2511/26 2:29AM
A Wacko White Driver runs down Ferguson Protesters on Tuesday!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1511/26 2:28AM
Is there a way to find the route my Fedex package is taking?Violet_Blooded211/26 2:28AM
Super Smash Bros. General Topic
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MechaKirby18411/26 2:25AM
The joker sure pulls a lot of boners doesn't he? *Batman media spoilers*saspa111/26 2:20AM
depth first search...acesxhigh611/26 2:19AM
Cosplay topic Part 0....5?AllstarSniper32211/26 2:16AM
I think all the Metal Gear games are very much products of their time.raymanfan1111/26 2:12AM
End of the world scenario (Poll)Q_Sensei311/26 2:11AM
If you have a Wii U, add me! :D
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Melon_Master2411/26 2:08AM
This Teen White Girl posts racist tweet on Ferguson saying Go back to Africa!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2211/26 2:07AM