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Mega Man Battle Network (GBA) is awesome!
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pipebomb_phil198/1 1:43AM
PSA announcement: This Shovel Knight track is the best NES track ever.raymanfan1108/1 1:40AM
Hamas or Humus? (Poll)St_Kevin78/1 1:32AM
Have you ever wanted to play Daikatana?
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DeltaBladeX118/1 1:29AM
This 26 y/o Taco Bell Employee shot a customer with a BB Gun. Now he's in Jail! (Poll)Full Throttle88/1 1:24AM
WHY netflix!njkking0128/1 1:19AM
Lucidity was a pretty gameDark_samus13118/1 1:08AM
My first ever playthrough of Tales of Graces F
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Raganork10758/1 1:08AM
I have another non-date this weekend.Mr_melodramatic88/1 1:05AM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 123- Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets58/1 1:05AM
Are you the chosen one? (Poll)Q_Sensei68/1 12:56AM
PotD, help me pick a tablet. (Poll)Cllerj38/1 12:56AM
Whats your favorite season? (Poll)
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JoeyD726278/1 12:54AM
This 22 y/o Man decided to wear a Sheep costume..then someone set him on Fire.:/ (Poll)Full Throttle78/1 12:51AM
Do you wear underwear at home? (Poll)
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PentelPaint148/1 12:47AM
TLoU Remastered is awesome!
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ZiggiStardust148/1 12:45AM
Do clowns scare you? (Poll)
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Dmess85268/1 12:44AM
woot! Guardians of the Galaxy rox0rz! I just saw it
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Milleyd138/1 12:36AM
Recommend me a F***ing awesome game.
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Link_AJ248/1 12:35AM
Playing DKCR... I can see where a couple of this gen's new 2D platforming tropesraymanfan128/1 12:33AM