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Favorite non english music (Poll)
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DmC > Devil May Cry 3 > DMC 1 > DMC 4 > DMC 2 (Spoilers)
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Teen Titans Go is officially awesome.... latest episode featured...
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Drunk FF12!
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papercup438/30 4:03PM
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You see a mango daquiri bag in the freezerRaganork1018/30 4:00PM
It shouldn't have been that f***ing hard to get into a party
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BNVshark123218/30 3:58PM
How do you like steak? (Poll)Ogurisama88/30 3:58PM
Watching a music video and...Solid Sonic68/30 3:57PM
PotD is slow today.Flutershy68/30 3:57PM
It's "Nev-AD-uh" not "Nev-AH-duh."
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MasterSword546398/30 3:57PM
Starting yet another run of Final Fantasy I'll probably never finishDeltaBladeX108/30 3:57PM