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OoT vs Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker (Poll)
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Metro2268/1 7:12AM
I almost cried when the Marvel Studios logo sequence started during GotG.Storrac18/1 6:50AM
Come play L4D2 with me and Turt on this custom map.Dynalo88/1 6:48AM
The Last of Us at 60 fps freaks me out...
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ZiggiStardust338/1 6:39AM
Am I the only one who doesn't care about Guardians of the Galaxy?
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faramir77128/1 6:23AM
Fox News is the worst
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Jvaas238/1 6:17AM
It's mine and my gf's two year anniversary today...Squall95468/1 5:57AM
Stream vs Panda vs other (explain) (Poll)bluPython28/1 5:51AM
Do you wear underwear at home? (Poll)
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PentelPaint168/1 5:12AM
This is one of the most awesome pictures I have ever seendavf13558/1 4:48AM
I just got my first platinum trophy for a game.
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T-dus228/1 4:44AM
The Unofficial Beaten Games of 2014 Thread
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Gamechamp3k2628/1 4:21AM
I was just about to stop reading X-Men since basically every character is awfulbluPython78/1 3:24AM
Holy shnikes. Mexico guys.shadowSEXil48/1 3:05AM
They need to make iPads waterproof so I can use it in the shower.
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bluPython318/1 3:03AM
i didnt know this existedLootman28/1 1:56AM
top comments are back on youtube?Lootman18/1 1:56AM
If your name is in this topic go to bedLootman98/1 1:46AM
This 26 y/o Taco Bell Employee shot a customer with a BB Gun. Now he's in Jail! (Poll)Full Throttle88/1 1:24AM
Lucidity was a pretty gameDark_samus13118/1 1:08AM