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Official PotD Christmas Countdown Thread!Storrac312/16 9:13AM
It's never happened to me so what do you do whenChef_Excellence712/16 9:11AM
lol, PotD...ZiggiStardust512/16 9:08AM
I love when I come into work...SunWuKung4201012/16 9:02AM
They need to make the next XCOM game already.IceDragon771012/16 8:57AM
What's a nice/professional way to ask a client to verify a bill of material?InfestedAdam512/16 8:44AM
i'm healthy as f***!ZiggiStardust912/16 8:27AM
Have you ever broken a lease?BigOlePappy1012/16 8:17AM
does it ever explain why the bros in ffxv are dressed the way they are?ZiggiStardust812/16 8:12AM
I just saw this video. It's hilarious.SunWuKung420212/16 8:05AM
So the bagger yesterday did a triple take on me yesterday.
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Judgmenl3012/16 7:57AM
POLL: How tall is the Christmas tree in your home?? (Poll)
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SrRd_RacinG1512/16 7:57AM
i got tickets for the final stupid hobbit movie this weekend - do not AMA
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ZiggiStardust1912/16 7:57AM
C/D You like light women (Poll)aznStaRBoY812/16 7:39AM
I bit the bullet and bought Assassin's Creed Unity.Storrac912/16 6:49AM
So some of the Newtown parents are suing the gun makers and distributors
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ASlaveObeys7812/16 6:31AM
Terrorist attack in Australia
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Ogurisama2212/16 6:18AM
the xbox 1 dashboard is confusing.
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helIy3712/16 6:13AM
Nicolas Cage made a great movie. (Poll)
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knightoffire551212/16 6:12AM
The Pirate Bay may be gone forever as one of the creators speak out.... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1512/16 6:11AM