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I am willing to give pumpkin beers a try again.argonautweekynd910/22 2:32PM
Evil Dead 2 > Army of Darkness
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JoanOfArcade1210/22 2:28PM
my neighbors dog wants my dogs DS_Fox810/22 2:27PM
I'm kind of surprised the lack of people on today's poll who live alone.
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Dan04291310/22 2:06PM
It is so very difficult to look something up when you don't know the name of it.daftalive08510/22 2:06PM
I hope everyone's ready for the big Football match!
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TerrisUS1510/22 2:02PM
PotD Gun Topic
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SIvIart_USMC25110/22 1:52PM
PlaystationHenryKissiger210/22 1:52PM
how many butts am i gonna have to cutLemur_Says310/22 1:42PM
It's time we started suspending human rights in certain cases.
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Arctic_Sunrise4110/22 1:36PM
Anyone know any good vampire webcomics?Milleyd410/22 1:32PM
How long is the OR/AS demo?
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CornishGhost1310/22 1:31PM
Wow! The "Flat line" episode of Doctor Who was pretty good! (spoilers)Lobomoon710/22 1:23PM
So for my first play of Don't Starve.
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AllstarSniper322410/22 1:20PM
Those that read the walking dead comics (spoilers)JanwayDaahl210/22 1:04PM
Father threatens to kick his son out for deleting his Angry Birds app.Far-Queue610/22 12:57PM
twitchplayspokemon is now playing ssb4Lootman210/22 12:53PM
Nintendo trademarks Virtual Boy in Europe.CornishGhost110/22 12:42PM
I'm getting married to my body pillow tomorrowAwesomeTurtwig710/22 12:40PM
Which shoul I buy, Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta 2? (Poll)GanonsSpirit1010/22 12:40PM