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So what happens if we just stop paying our debts (as a nation)?
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MrMelodramatic203/29 8:25PM
Just ordered a PS4 after seeing this deal ._.Junpeiclover23/29 8:24PM
That guy who went viral over harassing that Chic-Fil-A girl now in poverty.
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GrimCyclone153/29 8:24PM
Who is the most successful troll on PotD?
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edededdy153/29 8:23PM
When was the last time you hugged someone?WastelandCowboy53/29 8:22PM
ITT: We come up with impossible and cool plot twists that haven't been done yet!DarknessLink773/29 8:22PM
ATTN: Nade DuckMilleyd103/29 8:20PM
What flavour is this? (Poll)HenryKissiger43/29 8:19PM
Do you think shrooms will ever be legal?BNVshark12353/29 8:17PM
i got an email
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helIy333/29 8:16PM
My wife refuses to accept that I want to raise our future kids as Saiyans!
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RayKnight193/29 8:14PM
Steve Jobs vs. Steve from Blue's Clues (Poll)AwesomeTurtwig13/29 8:13PM
More states need to adopt Right to Die laws
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Erik_P453/29 8:12PM
Life is Strange Part 2 is out right now!!!
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AllstarSniper32143/29 8:11PM
on Colorado meds and listening to Modest Mouse AMA
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MrMelodramatic263/29 8:10PM
What's your favorite dinosaur?
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The Official "The Walking Dead" Topic.
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Evray173/29 8:07PM
Come and critique my Senior Project posterAwesomeTurtwig93/29 8:04PM
How do you pay for most things? (Poll)
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JokePoster533/29 8:01PM
Anyone still 'playing' Clicker Heroes?DeltaBladeX103/29 7:59PM