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Let's make a story about Krystal and Lan three words at a time!
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Wii U First Impressions... kind of...Mehere510/24 12:07PM
Kid catches Rare Shiny Deer!
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Why do PC gamers act like if they are more important than console gamers?
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So, my friend's cuy is alergic to humansyourDaddie110/24 12:07PM
There was just a school shooting at my hometown.Milleyd510/24 12:06PM
Welp, I might be allergic to my dog.Storrac410/24 12:06PM
Any one wanna play some smash bros around 4pm PT today?green dragon410/24 12:05PM
The final season of American Horro Story should involve characters from everyCaptain-Trips310/24 12:05PM
ebola's in new york now?
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Would your parents be mad if they caught you smoking weed? (Poll)
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Best game developer/publisher (Poll)
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Something doesn't seem quite right here...Death_Of_Effie910/24 11:58AM
Nintendo releases video about amiibos and their use in SSB for Wii U.Final Fantasy2389310/24 11:58AM
Which platform had the best games this year? (Poll)yourDaddie310/24 11:57AM
Anyone want to trade a Gengar code for a Diancie code?
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The lady or the tiger? (TL;DR prone) (Poll)PollGuy54510/24 11:56AM
Do you find it rude/odd to ask guests to remove shoes when they visit your home?
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Super Smash Bros, anyone?
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