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its hard to get a girlfriend, not enough of a jerkRetroxgamer043/31 3:04AM
welp I have a test tomorrow and I can't figure this derivative outNatemac110343/31 2:42AM
A power up turned your character pink. What did it do?
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Lokarin183/31 2:26AM
The Walking Dead finale....
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areeb319123/31 2:25AM
This Justin Beiber roast is the best one ive seen so far.
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argonautweekynd233/31 2:06AM
This Baby in Alabama was Born without a NOSE!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle123/31 1:37AM
Finally picked up The Last of Us for my PS3DeltaBladeX103/31 1:26AM
Ramilia.overlordlaharl013/31 1:24AM
I'm doing a paper on Hideo Kojima. Is this opening too over the top? (Closed)StripedTiger103/31 12:48AM
You are now soluble in water.GanonsSpirit73/31 12:26AM
What beer is highest in nutrients/carbs/calories?caveman757023/31 12:05AM
I'm having a major panic attack (only, with reduced panic)Lokarin53/31 12:04AM
How do albums work on imgur?AllstarSniper3213/30 11:59PM
Pandora or Spotify?
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Bugmeat173/30 11:45PM
I love it when the people I follow on Twitter tweet back to my tweets I tweetedhelIy53/30 11:22PM
Starbound is quite a bit improved, if anyone is interestedLokarin43/30 11:09PM
Doesnt that guy from motorhead make enough money to fix his face
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argonautweekynd233/30 11:08PM
Quick question about The Walking Dead games
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AllstarSniper32123/30 10:56PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 705 | Talking Dead (Poll)Slayer83/30 10:51PM
dog owners: about how much money per month does it cost to care for your dog?
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Mr_Sockyman203/30 10:47PM