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I hate those dreams that involve a pretty lady...AwesomeTurtwig49/30 10:34AM
Is there a smaller size than A-cup boobs? And if such a woman worked out her pecsaspa59/30 10:29AM
lol @ "Other than Smash Bros"
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Setzera249/30 10:13AM
Does the PS4 have the same delay problems as the PS3?
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BigOlePappy129/30 9:55AM
I am now a veteran. Ask me anything.EclairReturns109/30 9:49AM
What do you want out of a fantasy sports game? (Poll)Lokarin59/30 9:46AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 231 Rubeus Hagrid (Poll)
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scubasteve42129/30 9:46AM
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Stephen Bean Episode 5: No Time Left. (Birthday Edition)
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Kimbos_Egg3689/30 9:11AM
Everyone already know what the best game for October will be.PARAMYTAS49/30 9:08AM
ATTN: FlutershyLemonDestroyer69/30 8:59AM
Here's a real test consisting of 5 questions.
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FLOUR389/30 8:42AM
Which Spider-Man would win in a fight?LemonDestroyer69/30 8:33AM
Ganonspirit is giving me the cold-shoulder
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AwesomeTurtwig179/30 8:12AM
I watched the last episodes of HIMYM (SPOILERS)
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LemonDestroyer189/30 8:06AM
Sometimes, when I poop, I use the...Lootman89/30 7:40AM
this is a post gateLootman19/30 7:38AM
the raid in destiny is brutal.
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helIy239/30 7:34AM
Are Honest Trailers good?knightoffire55109/30 7:28AM
New PT Anderson movie "Inherent Vice" trailer released!Captain-Trips49/30 7:05AM