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I'm a selfish guyErik_P211/28 6:50PM
While we're here - anyone wanna help with OpenGL Shader Language?
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Lokarin1611/28 6:43PM
so this is fake, right?ZiggiStardust811/28 6:29PM
Streaming Painkiller Overdose!Gamechamp3k211/28 6:28PM
Power Rangers Dino Charge: Finally a new theme song after the past few seasons?!Milleyd811/28 6:23PM
So why is it such a massive sin to be butthurt on the Internet?Sardanapallus911/28 6:17PM
Do you have more GameFAQs accounts than the above poster?
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EclairReturns1911/28 6:17PM
Someone help me with this Java stuff. This stuff is funner.That_70s_show1011/28 6:16PM
Does Duckbear only race bait anymore?kangolcone911/28 6:13PM
GOd I really wish we could post porn comments here, they will ROFL you to death.
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visiny2111/28 6:12PM
I don't particularly like Batman, but I'm wondering if...metalconkerrr611/28 6:08PM
Anyone here played Rex Rocket?WindMouseHanpan211/28 5:59PM
My brain is hurting, help me
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argonautweekynd1911/28 5:57PM
Quick, I need some Magic the Gathering advice!lihlih911/28 5:55PM
What is it called when you make something appear less offending in content?
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Creepyposter1511/28 5:54PM
There are Sonic themes on the 3DS now.Gamechamp3k511/28 5:53PM
My cousin touched me inappropriately under the Thanksgiving table yesterday
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I_hate_bacon1611/28 5:49PM
In honor of Thanksgiving, let's talk about Vegitarianism (Poll)
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Q_Sensei6611/28 5:38PM
Dear chewy
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bachewychomp1411/28 5:34PM
I have this terrible freaking HEADACHE.Judgmenl611/28 5:32PM