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My girlfriend's parents found out we had sex.
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Flutershy9012/20 1:20PM
I got a couple of new toys today, ask me anything.SIvIart_USMC912/20 1:20PM
Bolt of lightning blows up an escaping car after man robs church
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Metro21112/20 1:18PM
Older women you would want to have a run at.
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darcandkharg311912/20 1:17PM
I want to play kotor again but I don't want to be boredAction53712/20 1:16PM
When you're playing a video game, what is your posture like?WastelandCowboy312/20 1:16PM
Imagine a console with a tongue controller.
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ImmortalityV1412/20 1:13PM
Mega Man X2 big anniversary race!CaioNV112/20 1:13PM
Today was my daughters birthday partyAction53412/20 1:11PM
I am the 1% Occupy Wallstreet are thou upset?
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ImmortalityV2312/20 1:11PM
Who are the true good guys, Nerds or Bullies?ImmortalityV312/20 1:11PM
I just deleted 1300 pictures off my phone.Jen01251012/20 1:07PM
C/D Your grandparents are still alive now (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY1112/20 1:06PM
Ugh potd I just built like the sexiest computer ever but I cant boot it up
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TwyliteSprinkle4012/20 1:00PM
Who want to play Randomnauts with your old pal Turtwig later?AwesomeTurtwig312/20 12:53PM
Is Freedom Planet any good?papercup112/20 12:52PM
100,000 but you have to change your name to Dick wang jhonson CoxyourDaddie812/20 12:52PM
Let's Play Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life! (Megathread)
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w00t_D4212/20 12:48PM
So American Horror Story is only good on odd seasons?
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davf1351112/20 12:48PM
I'm about to see The Hobbit and people are dressed like elves
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Erik_P1512/20 12:45PM