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Holy piss, Telltale TWD S2 Ep 4 was goooooooooood.raymanfan1107/25 2:00PM
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POTD = 175 people are either demons, albinos, or liars.Chr0noid27/25 1:59PM
Lets play a game POTD are you good enough or lame?
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Streaming Symphony of the Night on TwitchXxQw11ksk0pesxX37/25 1:52PM
Brown eyes are better than your eyes!
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Copying Turtwig: Ill post in this topic once a day
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Do you take this poster seriously? Day 4 - bluPython (Poll)
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Now that I'm used to it, Sublime is the best windows text editor IMO.blackPerI17/25 1:30PM
While rewatching Bleach, I realized that...SunWuKung42057/25 1:25PM
I hope the next console is the Xbox 180.knightoffire5567/25 1:24PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 3 - ZiggiStardust (Poll)
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edededdy227/25 1:23PM
Is there a term for failures that turn out to be good?
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Lokarin297/25 1:14PM
I wonder if method actors treat the actors who play their nemesises like s***...crinalex37/25 1:13PM
Windows XP Kirby VirusDmess8517/25 12:58PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 118- Sideshow Bob Roberts (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets87/25 12:52PM
Check out Tetsuya Nomura's Batman redesign.
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papercup227/25 12:49PM
iPhone is not a premium device.Metro2107/25 12:46PM
The Artist's Way is kinda creepy.bluPython17/25 12:39PM
Ok, question. Suppose I were to ask you about "last Tuesday".
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BTB307/25 12:37PM