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I have a few designs in mind for future house/apartment designs for me. I reallyArtistScientist15/24 10:32AM
John Nash, inspiration for ' A Beautiful Mind", killed in car crash.Far-Queue65/24 10:30AM
I just saw someone post a Boshinator pic on tumblr.
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Kanakiri195/24 10:26AM
What fascinates you most about space?
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How are the Devil Survivor games on the dsJoanOfArcade15/24 10:16AM
Steam Purchase: FTL or Rogue Legacy? (Poll)
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This 31 y/o woman gets 3 YEARS for running over her Husband in not voting ROMNEY (Poll)Full Throttle65/24 10:13AM
WAH! The girl I like is in another state!RFC2255/24 9:43AM
Why is the Human Torch black in the new Fantastic Four?
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My cousin's being an idiot againBNVshark12375/24 9:31AM
Look at what this Black Family in New York received in the MAIL!!! (Poll)
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Dungeons and Dragons Topic! When PCs Attack!
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I just found a Gamecube with Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin 1 and Super Mario SunshinePus_N_Pecans25/24 9:28AM
Grilled cheese in the oven > grilled cheese in a panAction5335/24 9:20AM
you know what, potd? east Asian woman are the best
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-KomaikoM54-215/24 9:14AM
Beep Bep.
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Shows like Maury, Judge Judy, Cops, etc. that have been on forever
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i'm on a laptop that still has windows xp
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helIy255/24 8:51AM
Homophobes need to realize you don't have to be 'scared' of gays to have phobia.KroganBaIIEater45/24 8:49AM
America you did, you got ChangeSt_Kevin25/24 8:49AM