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An All That Remains 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32125/19 1:00PM
best decade for each of these categories?
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Muscles115/19 12:59PM
why does it always feel like to me the 90's were a simpler carefree time?
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NightMareBunny205/19 12:45PM
Do you remember hologram art?Lokarin65/19 12:31PM
PotD this "riddle" gives GPS coordinate and I can't figure it out.ArtistScientist65/19 11:59AM
Do you have any pet names for people you've dated?BNVshark12355/19 11:52AM
So i picked up Saints Row 4JoanOfArcade25/19 11:40AM
Do you believe a higher power is protecting you from excessive evils?Lokarin85/19 11:28AM
Post a selfie of you in this topicMetro285/19 11:25AM
What I hate about having both an Xbox One and a PS4TheWorstPoster15/19 11:20AM
Who's your favourite extra or minor role actor/ress?Lokarin15/19 11:20AM
Can you call someone from a different department a coworker?StripedTiger55/19 11:10AM
I'm thinking of getting a pet shark.CarefreeDude35/19 11:03AM
Gamers need to nut up and let feminists take over gaming.Storrac85/19 11:01AM
You get everything you want free of charge, and live in comfort but....
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jedirood185/19 10:53AM
I've played Mega Man for about 14 hours over the past 2 days.
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Ferarri619125/19 10:52AM
I hope they give Yuka some clothes on Yuka-LayleeWaterImp75/19 10:49AM
Rate this fetish: Pregnant sexChibiUSA45/19 10:33AM
Feminists want to take over the worldChibiUSA25/19 10:32AM
White hispanics have it easier
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Metal_Gear_Link215/19 10:29AM