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Is it bad that I keep seeing Grandpa Yugi in the shopkeepers in FFV and FFVI?T-dus27/19 3:40PM
ATTN: ArcTheLadquigonzel57/19 3:34PM
I just beat the main story of Borderlands 2 for the first time *SPOILERS*
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AwesomeTurtwig117/19 3:18PM
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How did the hipster burn his tongue on his coffee?AwesomeTurtwig107/19 3:10PM
TIL I learned the Wii U hates it if you press the Home button while loading a NeHellHole_97/19 3:02PM
You been hit by *dun dun* you been struck by *dun* araymanfan137/19 3:01PM
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I swear, helly breaks everything he touches.That_70s_show57/19 2:55PM
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CNN reassigns reporter after she calls Israelis scumAnti-DuckBear67/19 2:18PM
Why would anyone want to be a merperson?Chef_Excellence67/19 2:18PM
To anyone else who has a job in programming or software engineering...VioletZer087/19 2:10PM
raymanfan plays Skyward Sword!
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raymanfan1517/19 2:03PM
Trying to remember the name of a playstation 1 or 2 gameAppreciateTrees77/19 2:02PM
Annoying bird...I am the great Leon!Captain-Trips57/19 1:29PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 25 Rush (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32207/19 1:09PM
So why does America (more than the UK) seem so interested in UFO?KainReaver10927/19 1:06PM
I'm almost at 500 AMPJudgmenl37/19 1:03PM