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Take your Bets now! Who Will Die on The Simpsons Premiere, Sept, 28th, 2014!!? (Poll)
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Full Throttle209/29 3:24PM
I seem to have 4000 karma now.
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adjl139/29 3:10PM
Punch Out!!! - Which game in the series to play if I only plan on playing one?
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RPGLover657179/29 3:00PM
Swapping out PS3 HDDs is balls.raymanfan1109/29 2:58PM
And I just bought a PS4.ESP Samus39/29 2:55PM
An admin at GoNintendo told me they would contact my ISP I went there evr again.
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KroganBaIIEater269/29 2:53PM
What's the best way to handle Clickers in The Last of Us?
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ShockKirby80129/29 2:41PM
Do you prefer FASTor SLOW zombies? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link339/29 2:41PM
What's up with people illegally climbing the tallest skyscrapers?Metro259/29 2:30PM
Season two of Arrow on Netflix on Oct 6CNN59/29 2:21PM
Is it easy to change your date of birth on all your IDs?pipebomb_phil89/29 1:49PM
Do you remember these shows?
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trodi_911209/29 1:28PM
Yeesh, they really should have added "besides gameplay" to these polls...UberSsjNaruto49/29 1:26PM
ugh that feeling when it endsLootman29/29 1:15PM
Started to play Tales of Destiny 2/Eternia
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ernieforss119/29 1:01PM
Have you ever self-harmed?
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Arctic_Sunrise489/29 12:58PM
you know you watch to much tyrannicon when...Red Haze19/29 12:54PM
If you've always been submissive by nature, is it possible to be more dominant?RJP_X109/29 12:48PM
Poll (5char) (Poll)lnteger19/29 12:47PM
Don't troll. You know what happens to trolls...knightoffire5589/29 12:38PM