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Ugh I watched a whole four-hour long movie today.Kanakiri1010/30 9:01PM
Do you want to eventually have kids?
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Metro21110/30 9:01PM
recommend me underrated games from the last 3 years on any plataformyourDaddie710/30 9:01PM
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's DoorEntity13410/30 8:59PM
there is room for 24 cards in the pokemon x/y special event card album thing.Nade Duck610/30 8:58PM
This 26 y/o Girl faces life in Prison for having Sex with a Dog and a 3 y/o Boy (Poll)Full Throttle910/30 8:56PM
Approaching the end of Borderlands Pre-Sequel... (Mild Spoilers)Arctic_Sunrise410/30 8:56PM
How would you rank the 3D Mario games?DirtBasedSoap910/30 8:55PM
Positive Feminism Decree: Feminism needs less ''don't'' and more ''do''
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VioletZer05710/30 8:53PM
They say beer will make me dumbBNVshark123610/30 8:52PM
This 19 y/o Christian Wacko cut his friend's head off for practicing Witchcraft! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1710/30 8:51PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 24: Mt. Erebus Vs. Unholy Cathedral (Poll)Ugly Joe510/30 8:50PM
PotD can you teach me how to be a more terrible person?Blighboy1010/30 8:49PM
Want to cry today?Chef_Excellence510/30 8:48PM
Attn: Raga, Turt and one other person (L4D2)
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Dynalo1310/30 8:44PM
I remember when the hashtag was called the pound sign
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Erik_P1210/30 8:43PM
Recommend a 2D platformer from this year on PC
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Lokarin1210/30 8:34PM
I drank too much milk today
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AwesomeTurtwig1210/30 8:31PM
it's times like now I wish I didn't break up with my ex.
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LemonDestroyer1510/30 8:31PM
PotD Rate a Game - Game 765 - Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (Various)DeltaBladeX510/30 8:27PM