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********* Official PotD Super Smash Brothers Wii U Tournament!!!!!!!! **********
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chaosbowser33712/21 11:27AM
who would win in a fight mewtwo or sephiroth (Poll)Lwaxana_Troi112/21 11:26AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 308 Knuckles the Echidna (Poll)scubasteve42112/21 11:25AM
Rate this Villain Day 306 Ebenezer Scrooge (Poll)scubasteve42112/21 11:25AM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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bachewychomp33312/21 11:25AM
Not buying Japanese games (or japanese not buying western) is gross and racist .yourDaddie112/21 11:25AM
That feel when your cousin doesn't give her own kids gifts for the holidaysLazy_Narumi612/21 11:25AM
I dunno what to make for a new D&D 5th Edition character. (Poll)IceDragon77712/21 11:23AM
I want to take some beer to a Christmas party tomorrow. Recommendations needed
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LJ Bad891112/21 11:23AM
someone's using the old sega genesis slogan to promote their website...NightMareBunny112/21 11:20AM
What? I heard that Amazing Spiderman 3 will bring back Toby and not use Andrewdavf135612/21 11:17AM
New Tales of Zestiria Trailer!MechaKirby112/21 11:15AM
My entire family is always unhappygrape_purple312/21 11:12AM
Do you think people who Don't wear Jeans are Weird since 95% of Men do?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle3612/21 11:12AM
Burgers or pizza? (Poll)
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Nihon_no_ryu1512/21 11:11AM
You turn into the opposite gender for 24 hours.WastelandCowboy812/21 11:11AM
So American Horror Story is only good on odd seasons?
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davf1352012/21 11:09AM
Garfield vs Toby (Poll)yourDaddie312/21 11:09AM
Face me in SMASH!!supergamer19312/21 11:08AM
haven't done any christmas shopping yet....anyone else?NightMareBunny512/21 11:08AM