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I started playing pokemon emerald again
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Action53269/20 5:13PM
here's the second girl design for our game, PotD
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Ao_Ryuu54139/20 5:12PM
Hurt/Heal: Final Fantasy IX Characters
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EclairReturns379/20 5:11PM
most people take their job too seriously
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LemonDestroyer409/20 5:09PM
PS4 Silent Hill will inevitably have next gen dog endingVicaris19/20 5:03PM
When 1 TV season takes up 20-60GB HDD space becomes expensive...r7gerrabbit49/20 5:02PM
this months loot crate is stupid.
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helIy189/20 5:02PM
Anyone here get the new Theatrhythm?
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Raganork10149/20 5:01PM
I hope they do another offer to allow you to change your name sometime.Kanakiri19/20 5:01PM
I want to get into board games more... Any suggestions?bandeku39/20 5:00PM
Looks like weed will be legal in Texas JanuaryWaterImp29/20 5:00PM
What I have done todayJudgmenl19/20 5:00PM
What if Ao_Ryuu54 is SleepingKing?WastelandCowboy89/20 4:57PM
Assassin's Creed movie delayed; Deadpool movie confirmed
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Krow_Incarnate199/20 4:57PM
To anyone who is or has been a manager: How do you feel about "Texting in Sick"?
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VioletZer0599/20 4:57PM
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TerrisUS119/20 4:56PM
Space in your username? Post here to show your superiority.Stupid Pirate Guy59/20 4:55PM
Would you like a brand-new car starting at $6800?GameGuy77729/20 4:50PM
I will leave this here for the hatersLemonDestroyer19/20 4:49PM
I just came back from the future AMALootman59/20 4:44PM