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I had a perogie poutine and an eggnog milkshake for lunch today.Dynalo108/22 7:49AM
Why dudes and chicks are so different?
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Lobomoon178/22 7:47AM
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Chinese Man dresses up as a Final Fantasy Character and proposes to his g/f... (Poll)
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The only good ALS ice bucket challenge
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Ultima_Dragoon208/22 7:42AM
Been working too hard lately. Can someone bring me up to speed about Zoe Quinn?
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VioletZer0528/22 7:41AM
Are JRPG's, especially TBJRPG's, dying out? (Poll)
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What colour do you associate with "Gloucester"? (Poll)
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FatalAccident278/22 7:31AM
Apparently feminism used to stand for being proud of being a woman...acesxhigh108/22 7:26AM
So how's your holiday 2014 game purchases looking?
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SageRamirez198/22 7:15AM