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its funny how girls on tinder post pics with their more attractive friendsDrPrimemaster37/31 8:38PM
stick of truth is p awesome.Nade Duck67/31 8:26PM
Hearing music in dreamsbachewychomp77/31 8:19PM
is it okay to hate people?humptyrump67/31 8:15PM
Do you approve or disapprove the 2 American Ebola Patients flying back to US?? (Poll)Full Throttle77/31 8:09PM
I am watching PawnographyAwesomeTurtwig27/31 8:09PM
What do you even do in grad school to get a PhD in computer science?bluPython87/31 8:07PM
A few Thief Gold steam codes.pipebomb_phil87/31 8:00PM
Would you do this?Ogurisama17/31 7:58PM
To be fair to George Lucas, imagine how many times he's seen Star Wars
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raymanfan1207/31 7:54PM
A college professor sexing one of his/her students, is it actually illegal ordavf13527/31 7:50PM
One thing I NEVER like games to be "realistic" in is INVENTORY CAPACITY!
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shipwreckers917/31 7:50PM
i'm pretty much the best thing in the worldhelIy77/31 7:47PM
The straight males on this board are just like Kon in Episode 115.SunWuKung42067/31 7:42PM
Tell me a bedtime story PotDAwesomeTurtwig47/31 7:38PM
When was your first time see blood in game?
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Gladiant527/31 7:33PM
Went on a 3 mile hike to see a waterfall.bluPython67/31 7:26PM
Me at Disneyland.DirtBasedSoap27/31 7:14PM
So wait, is this actually a picture of SBAllen?
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AwesomeTurtwig217/31 7:08PM
1. Have you ever been so tempted to motorboat a woman you see
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Lootman137/31 7:02PM