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This 28 y/o man strangled his friend to death and dismembered her..But.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle167/29 11:36AM
If you think PotD has lots of terrible gimmick accounts, then go to SSBU-board.LeetCheet87/29 11:25AM
I hate listening/feeling my own heart-beat.ZiggiStardust57/29 11:24AM
Has anyone ever actually turned off the console while saving?
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N30Chaos687257/29 11:19AM
I think I just created my own life hack.IceDragon7757/29 11:16AM
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ZiggiStardust117/29 11:11AM
Wow. EA launches a subscription service on Xbox OneZiggiStardust77/29 11:06AM
We're up to 412 ****ing Avatars.Judgmenl67/29 10:45AM
What did you think of Egoraptor's Ocarina of Time Sequelitis? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei577/29 10:35AM
Avengers 2 reveals possibly the greatest movie post of all time...
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Captain-Trips407/29 10:32AM
What's your favourite part of a game you otherwise didn't like?
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Lokarin177/29 10:17AM
This 59 y/o Father is in financial ruin as he owes 200k in student loans because (Poll)
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Full Throttle317/29 10:09AM
I hate how Japan forces it's hairless ness on my FFXIV characterBNVshark12337/29 9:49AM
Best PS3 game ever (Poll)yourDaddie87/29 9:46AM
is spider-man the only comic superhero with a personal life these days?NightMareBunny57/29 9:39AM
so after a third watchMaster Smuggler87/29 9:37AM
It upsets me that Asami hasn;t done much during this season of KorraBNVshark12327/29 9:06AM
Apocalypse: WW Idormcaste17/29 8:55AM
Skyward Sword is like the Naruto Anime 40% Filler.yourDaddie97/29 8:39AM
Copying Turtwig: Ill post in this topic once a day
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Ogurisama387/29 8:32AM