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What is your current Pokemon ORAS team and how many badges
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JoanOfArcade3111/22 10:38PM
Nade TruckGrendel Prime111/22 10:27PM
My computer knows me too well...AllstarSniper32311/22 10:20PM
Srs thread: why the **** is toilet seats still a thingshadowsword87911/22 9:54PM
Would you change how you live your life for an eternal reward? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1611/22 9:25PM
It's Dragon's dogma that good?yourDaddie1011/22 9:21PM
Watching some animeDeltaBladeX211/22 9:17PM
that was the best episode of jerry springer everargonautweekynd511/22 9:09PM
This is a SFW cover for a JAV porn recently. Question to viewers of asian porn
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Ryan-064011/22 9:05PM
I bought Alpha Sapphire but I can't play it yet.Kanakiri1011/22 9:03PM
I drew the FNaF cast ^____^ (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu541411/22 9:01PM
Basically everything you've heard about Ass Creed Unity is true.
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raymanfan11211/22 8:58PM
Someone on imdb wrote a scenario of if Rambo met Andy Taylor, Barney, and Opie.Dan0429111/22 8:55PM
how can you tell europeans apart?humptyrump911/22 8:39PM
It's pretty noticeable that there are new mods on this site.TesstheGoblin1011/22 8:39PM
I got a chemical burn on my finger. Pics inside.
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kratosdakota31711/22 8:38PM
Starve a cold, feed a fever.WhatPoll211/22 8:38PM
Just a few daily reminders....Krow_Incarnate111/22 8:37PM
Jennifer Lopez is so hot.
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CiIantro1411/22 8:30PM
Do you think Germs are Bad or Good? (Poll)Full Throttle911/22 8:30PM