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This Mother will NOT go to prison after she left her daughter to die in 90F Car! (Poll)
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Full Throttle398/28 10:22AM
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Do a man or woman cut your hair? (Poll)
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I_hate_bacon328/28 9:39AM
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Rate this Villain Day 201 Iron Monger (Poll)scubasteve4278/28 9:36AM
Transgender athletes compete in rowing in Canada.ZiggiStardust88/28 9:35AM
The Hobbit movies are a lot like the Star Wars prequels.
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GanonsSpirit158/28 9:14AM
Do you curse with your own or uncommon swear words? (Poll)InfestedAdam88/28 9:03AM
would anyone like to play descent 2 with me?ShamblerQ68/28 8:57AM
This 23 y/o Girl was dancing on the rooftop and fell...Now she's Brain Dead.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle218/28 8:44AM
Splice/Solder Retro Duo Controller to TTX NES controller.Noke028/28 8:31AM
i fell asleep watching guardians of the galaxylootwoman48/28 8:29AM
Where did "netbooks" go? I dont see the term being mentioned anymore
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davf135128/28 8:21AM
ATTN: Naruto manga readers. Spoilers
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Flutershy148/28 7:42AM
You go back in time to 1982 and meet Trip HawkinsWhatPoll58/28 7:15AM
Shenti and adjl: An erotic fanfic
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SchmensWife688/28 7:08AM
i feel sorry for anyone working on sonic games that have to deal with the fans..
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NightMareBunny148/28 7:01AM
Remember that I told you that my local Six Flags took out an awesome coaster?
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WhatPoll148/28 6:57AM
Which statement is true? (Poll)
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Why does Jen Aniston seem mad as hell?FatalAccident18/28 5:55AM