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ACTUAL funniest potder contest. Bracket #5 (Poll)
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Troll_Police_404/18 1:34PM
Japanese games are going too far in terms of fan serviceJunpeiclover74/18 1:30PM
I was thinking about getting a dating app but
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Lootman184/18 1:25PM
Have you ever been in the Chris Houlihan room (in ALttP)? (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate244/18 1:19PM
I have an extra Mewtwo code for Smash 3ds the 125th poster gets itJoanOfArcade64/18 1:18PM
Just finished binging the first four seasons of Game of Thrones.
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Loixuj154/18 1:08PM
Do you cook? If so, what do you know how to make well?
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JanwayDaahl144/18 1:00PM
Just got an HP Stream 7 tablet, it was under $50. What Steam games can it play?
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Melon_Master584/18 12:57PM
i bought all the new streetpass games.ZiggiStardust14/18 12:55PM
PotD Guild Wars 2 topic
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AllstarSniper32334/18 12:51PM
Say what you want about feminists, but MRAs will always be crazier.
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Storrac334/18 12:36PM
This b**** is crazyMetro244/18 12:35PM
ITT: Batman's opinion on bees.GanonsSpirit54/18 12:17PM
Think highly of yourself. People hate on you and your dreams. AccomplishTheOneWithin14/18 12:17PM
Sam B got the thingJoanOfArcade34/18 12:05PM
Why do some people never grow out of their misanthropy phase?GanonsSpirit54/18 11:59AM
It's been a year since I was a nova. (CSGO related)Judgmenl34/18 11:58AM
I think I may have found a nice new Android browser.keyblader198554/18 11:29AM
star wars battlefront trailer is up!
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ZiggiStardust424/18 11:26AM
I have some really stupid hypothetical legal questions (also ATTN: PO)
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shadowsword87114/18 11:16AM